The Glory Of Kievan Rus'

A Journey through Medieval Russian Re-enactment

Class Handouts, Articles, and Links

Here you can download some of my class handouts and older articles.   I do plan to add a section for Documentation eventually.  However, as I have never had to write much documentation, I don't actually have any in electronic format right now.

Class Handouts:

Gerdany Information 

--  This is some extra information on resources and supplies for my Beginning Gerdany (Ukrainian bead netting) class. 

Gerdany Bead Information

-- This lists the supplies used in my class.  All are ordered from   New 08/2010


NEW 11/09/2010:  Thanks to Viktor in An Tir, I can now offer you my Pennsic Gerdany Handout in PDF format.  Please make sure you have at least Adobe Reader to view. 


The AKC for the SCA

-- This is a HUGE handout, over 4mb, so please, give it time to download.  This is the latest edition, including the breeds newly recognized by the AKC in 2009.

Early Kievan Garb 

-- UPDATED!  Now in PDF form with pattern drawings!  New 08/2010

Early Russian History 

-- The handout for my Early Russian History Class from Pennsic 2009

Declining Princes of Kiev

-- A list of the Princes of Kiev after Vladimir Monomahk.  It's interesting to note how often they kicked each other out, repeatedly.


 NEW!!!  For 09/28/2010:  

How To Make A Medallion Gerdan 

-- this large & image-heavy file walks through making a men's medallion gerdan using a 3-bead netting technique, multiple threads and two needles. 


(The below are mainly older articles from my old Geocities site.)

First Time Garb

-- a short primer on faking your first garb.  Written in 2000

SCA Linguistics 101

-- a short primer on SCA 'lingo'.  Written in 2000

Identifying Important SCAdians

-- a short primer on how to recognize rank by SCA-wide regalia conventions.  Written in 2000


My Flickr account, which contains images of the Kingdom Gerdany Project.