The Glory Of Kievan Rus'

A Journey through Medieval Russian Re-enactment

About Me

I am Posadnitsa Sfandra Dmitrieva Chernigova.  I am the daughter of a member of the Prince's Druzhina.  My mother is a wellborn Slavic lady.  I now reside in the southern marches of the Barony of Carolingia in this Eastern Kingdom, with my husband, Pomestnik Aleksei Brazhnikov. As the western people calculate it, the year is 1045.

Within the Society, I am a Companion of the Order of the Laurel with Patent of Arms, hold a Court Barony of the East with Grant of Arms, I'm a Companion of the Order of the Maunche (East Kingdom A&S order), and a Companion of the King's Order of Excellence (East Kingdom, "by reason of their consistent efforts to maintain a high standard of authenticity in their dress, behavior, personae, and goods; in the feast hall, in their encampments, and on the field of honor.")

Mundanely, Kaz is a D.A.R. on her father's side, but a 2nd generation Slavic-American on her mother's side (Slovak/Ukrainian/Russian).  Raised to eat saurkraut, pork, and peirogies every New Years Day, she parleys that ethnic heritage into her S.C.A. persona as a Kievan Rus woman.  She now lives with her husband Mark just south-west of Boston MA, encouraging him to overcome his 100% Celtic (Scots-Irish) heritage and to eat more peirogies.

 (Ah, geeks honeymooning in Scotland.....)