The Glory Of Kievan Rus'

A Journey through Medieval Russian Re-enactment

Welcome to the website of Posadnitsa Sfandra Dmitrieva Chernigova.

This site was developed as a home for my webcontent formerly housed in various Geocities locations.

Primarily, this site will house images and documentation for my many SCA projects. If you have questions about any projects already displayed in the Gallery, feel free to contact me.

UPDATE SPRING 2011:   Oh my giddy aunt.  They've put these leaves on my head and declared me a Companion of the Order of the Laurel!  It was an amazing day.  Typical me, I haven't a decent photo anywhere.....


Update 11/09/2010: NEW ARTICLE!  Thanks to Viktor, I can now offer my Pennsic Gerdany Handout in PDF format on the Articles page.  Also, there are new Images in the Photo gallery.

UPDATE 09/28/2010:  NEW ARTICLE:  How to make A Medallion Gerdan.


--Picture Courtesy of Baron Bardolf Rauen of Atlantia: